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Leblanc LCL311S (Spirito)

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With history dating back to 1750, Leblanc has been known for manufacturing some of the highest quality clarinets in the world. Combining tradition with innovation, Leblanc continue to advance clarinet manufacturing.


The new Leblanc Spirito is a premium student clarinet designed for the advancing young musician. With a complex bore design, the Spirito produces a rich and colorful sound whilst still being light and easy to hold. The silver-plated keywork is newly designed, and combines elements of our long-standing history with the most advanced technology and manufacturing techniques available. Paired with industry-leading Valentino pads, the Leblanc Spirito allows the player to focus on what is most important - making music.

  • A rich and colorful sound
  • Fluid and even response across all registers
  • Strong and durable silver-plated keywork
  • Advanced ergonomics


  • Reso-Tone ABS body with a complex bore design
  • Silver-plated cold-forged keys
  • Low ‘E’ Reinforcement bar
  • Blued steel springs
  • Fixed thumb rest with neck strap ring
  • Valentino synthetic pads
  • Vito mouthpiece
  • Ballistic nylon case with shoulder strap


At Conn-Selmer, we are committed to ensuring every woodwind instrument is ready to play right out of the box. To obtain this objective, we have developed and implemented a stringent "double set up process" for all woodwinds. This process means the instrument is play-tested and adjusted, allowed to rest, and then meticulously re-examined and re-adjusted by our expert quality assurance team. Rest assured, every woodwind instrument is now professionally set up at the Conn-Selmer Woodwind Center in Elkhart, IN, in optimal playing condition the moment you open the case, and ready to last a lifetime.

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